Freight information

Freight costs

All customer orders will be debited actual freight cost. Meaning that shipping charged on your invoice is carrier charges combined with any materials / labels required.

Shipping varies with elements like weight, size, package quantities, distance and more.

Here is a freight document for orientation:

Download (norwegian)


We currently have accounts with the Norwegian mail service. Placing an online order you will be asked to chose between the available shipping methods as fastest and cheapest freight alternative. Leaving this field blank will have us look at the options and go with the least expensive method for this particular order.

If the shipping method requested for some reason needs or has to be changed, we will let you know prior to shipping.

Most shipments will be trackable. If you've registered a proper email address with us, you will automatically receive an email with a tracking number.

 Regular, non-registered lettes can not be tracked. Jørgenrud will not accept responsiblity for lost letters.