Company history

Jørgenrud was started in 1937 as a garage.

In the 1950's, the operation expanded to include delivery of heating oil and diesel with its own tanks, cars and gas station.

In the early 1980's the workshop got several agencies for the sale of famous tire brands including Michelin, Viking tires and BF Goodrich.

In the early 1990's Jørgenrud entered into a partnership with Veteranprodukter AB in Sweden (now VP Autoparts AB) for the sale of car parts for vintage Volvo.


The tire shop and truck business grew rapidly and in 2000 these were separated into 2 different companies - Jørgenrud Fuel AS and Jørgenrud Bilverksted AS.

The Jørgenrud Bilverksted continued growing with the sale of tires and parts for Volvo. Due to the increased demand of Volvo parts in 2008 a company called Jørgenrud Bil  & Deler AS was formed with the purpose of specializing even more in the sale of parts for Volvo and Ford Mustang.

Garage business incl. the tire shop was taken over by Dekk Team AS.


Jørgenrud Bil & Deler AS currently has 2.5 FTEs capacity of about 20.000 different article number in our database. The shop in Spydeberg have at any given time about 5.000 different items in stock.